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Yoga lifestyle and healing

Yoga has become one of the most popular and fashionable way how to keep the body in shape and engage in some sporting activities. Not a lot of people know that actually there are so many different types of yoga that naming all of them just simply yoga is actually quite unintelligent thing to do.

Actually this page has been developed to give you some brief overview of different yoga types. In addition, we have also tried to write a little about some origins of different yoga types and what is it exactly that differentiates them from other yoga styles.

So browse around and you will find power and gentle yoga, also vinyasa yoga which is actually a type of the ashtanga yoga. That is definitely not all; in addition you can read about iyengar and sahaja yoga, hatha and kundalini yoga. We also investigated the field of prenatal yoga to give you child the best space to grow possible and of course we will not leave you without tips of what to wear to yoga practice and how to keep you chakra that unite your body in perfect condition.

This all might sound really overwhelming at the moment, especially if before you knew that there is just yoga and that is it. Don’t worry, that is why we are here to help you and tell you everything about yoga that you need to know.

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